‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment till it becomes a memory’

-Dr. Suess

About ME

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Northeast Florida. I primarily shoot in the Sunshine State, but am available and willing to travel worldwide! It’s a blessing and privilege to be able to capture such loving moments on any scale… from small backyard elopements to destination weddings abroad. Near or far, big or small, my number one priority is to capture those raw and real moments that occur on your special day! I am honored to be considered for such a crucial and important role for your wedding.

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      • "Days before my wedding an earthquake hit our venue and everything had to be re-planned within a matter of days. Jamie was supportive and unbelievably helpful throughout the entire process. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for capturing our true vision and helping create a memorable experience like no other. She is so talented and has an eye for moments most don't see. I can only trust Jamie to capture all of my special moments in life from now on."
        Coreen C. | Ischia, Italy
      • "She super talented and has a great eye for photography...I am not the kind of guy that really likes a photographer in my face, especially on my wedding day. But, Jamie is such a pro and good at what she does that she becomes apart of the crowd blends in and was able to get some pretty amazing shots of this really special day. Excited to show these off for decades to come."
        Ryan Bush | Ischia, Italy
      • Jamie is a class act! Not only is she an awesome and creative photographer...but she is a genuinely caring and sweet person. I met her randomly by chance at just the right time, which was about 3 months before my wedding and we still did not have photography plans in place. She was friendly, proactive, organized...and the photos of our little fairytale wedding in the church my Mom & Daddy were married at were priceless! We definitely recommend Jamie Money for all your photography needs!
        Misty S. | Jacksonville,FL
      • Wow!!! She was so awesome from the beginning to the end!!!! She helped me with a time line of events to start. Then the day of I went full bridezilla and she was so positive reassuring me that everything was going fine. And the PICTURES where WOW !!!!!!! My whole family thought she was great and she got great pics of every one. Not only is she a wounderful photographer she's also an amazing person your getting more than just a photographer with her!!! I will be using her for everything for the rest of my life.
        Tabitha K. | Jacksonville, FL
      • I LOVE Jamie Money! I get perfect photos every time! She has taken my engagement, wedding, and maternity pictures and I couldn’t love them more. I recommend her over anyone else. She is friendly, professional, and talented. She has gone above and beyond for me and my family. Her love and passion for photography is obvious and I can’t wait to work with her again.
        Kimberly U. | Orlando, FL
      • Jamie was phenomenal not only with capturing amazing pictures of my family, but she was able to keep my toddlers engaged long enough to get those amazing pictures. She was extremely professional and at the same time felt like an old family friend. We could not have been more impressed with her work and will definitely be choosing her for future photos.
        Jenna S. | Orlando, FL